Say bye, bye to the WM

27 Mar

I have done quite a bit of work to the WM for the past couple of years I owned it, to the point now there isn’t a whole lot of fun stuff to do with it, like rust repair, welding making parts and just getting dirty.  Its too nice for that now, so I am in the need of a different project.  I sold the WM and will be replacing it with a 1958 Edsel Pacer.  I have been looking for an Edsel for the past couple of years and now I have the chance to get one locally.  I have enjoyed the WM and hope the next person has a lot of fun it too.  Its a real head turner, thats for sure.  Most people thought that it wasn’t stock and never saw anything like it at all.  On to the Edsel


Axle work

30 Nov

Now that it is getting colder out and I am not going to be able to drive the truck around too much I decided to see how much fun I can get into with the front hub assembly.  I have never messed with these before so I needed to get some help from some of the good people at the binderplanet.  Its good to have friends that are willing to help you out when you need it.  My hat is off to you people.

I was thinking of converting to discs up front but these drums have been stopping pretty good almost too good.  Put you through the front window too good…if you know what I mean.  The hub was easy, but trying to figure out how to get the hub assembly got me stumped for a little bit.  Finally found the little retainer, I am going to call it that anyway, and pulled that off with the assembly.  Now for the spindle….hmm.  This is when I needed some knowledge from the people on the planet to help.  Once they talked me through it, I got the back plate off and the axe came out.  The ball joints were a little stuck but nothing a sledge couldn’t take care of.  Took the ball joints to a local shop and had them remove the old ones and install the new ones in a few hours.  They had to heat the heck out of them suckers to get them out.  Cant wait to see how it drives now….wait I still have to do the drivers side….arghh.  Now I am wondering if I should replace the wheel bearing while I am there.  I haven’t had any problem with it but that’s when they will fail and I don’t need to do this again, so I am sure I will replace it.  While I am at, I took apart the u joint for the wheel as well.  That was fun to get off too.  May need some help from the service shop again with that one.

Well, I have rambled on enough for now.  Here are a few pics of the past few days of work.

Thanks for looking,


dscn1665 dscn1664 dscn1663 dscn1662 dscn1661 dscn1666




29 May

I would like to thank Jeff Jamison on this post because he did such a great job with the new seat covers he made for the Wagonmaster.  They are awesome !!  I just finished installing these the past weekend and they fit perfect and look new.  Have to have Jeff do the door panels next.

Thanks a lot Jeff.


Front seat Back seat Both seats

Catching up

30 Apr

I made some time today to update my blog.  The weather has been cold and dreary lately, so I don’t have a too much ambition to go work on anything.  Thought this would be a good time.

After the last post, I have the new engine installed with the help of 9 other guys, we had a fun wrenching day.  Gotta love wrenching days.  I learn more and more everytime we have one and also get caught up with friends and meet new ones.  I had the engine all ready to put in, new gaskets everywhere and new front mounts.  Also had time to clean up the engine compartment a little bit while the engine was out.  Took us most of the day to get the engine installed and the very last thing was running it and getting it tuned.  Man does it sound good  !!  All I had left to do was install the radiator and trans lines oh yeah the whole front clip.  Cant believe how much hardware goes into the front clip…whish I replaced with all stainless steel.

After the engine install and getting the front clip back together it was time to road test it.  The truck ran great.  Went and got the Christmas tree with it this year, it was 70 degrees.  No problems at all.  One night after work I decided to take it out for a spin and I turned on the heater just to test it out, the engine quits right when I flipped the switch.  Come to find out the alternator was bad.  Couldn’t put out enough juice to run any access. and the engine at the same time.  This was a brand new alternator too….awe man !!  After switching out the alternator, the truck runs great and the access. are all working fine.  Just have to replace some light bulbs.

I took out the back seat now so I could have Mr. Jamison fix mw up a new seat cover.  The front seat one he did was awesome, so I cant wait to see how it will look with the back one done.  While the seat it out, I am cleaning up the floor and painting it.  Next thing to do is get a carpet for this truck. I have weld up the seat braces that attach to the floor because they are a little rusty where the bolts go into the floor.

Went to an auction the other day with a friend and found an 8 track player that looks in great shape.  Have to see if it works before I install it.  Got 12 cassettes with the purchase too.

Installed a dash pad from Amazon.  My dash is pretty crusty and cracked so this will dress it up nicely.  Adding a CB radio to the truck as well, so I have to find out where to put the antenna.

Here are some photos of the engine that’s in it now.

Thanks for tuning in

DSCN1629 DSCN1620 DSCN1617

Busy, Busy

15 Aug

It has been awhile since I posted anything up on here.  I have had a lot going on I guess.  The summers always go by too fast.

Went to take the truck down the road to keep the fluids moving around in it, and not even a half mile up the road it started dying on me.  Of coarse it shut off on me, but I was close enough to a neighborhood entrance so I coasted it in there.  Called my neighbor to see if he could bring me some gas because I thought it may have run out, of coarse the gauge doesn’t work.  After tinkering with it we decided to see if it would have enough to get home and nope, notta…kept dying.  Found out the choke wasn’t opening all the way because my neighbor saw a bunch of black coming out of the tail pipe.  That was an easy fix.

So I decided to take the truck out to go see the tire guy.  He is about a little over a mile down the road.  On my way back, the truck kept stalling on me.  Close to 8 times it left me stranded.  Finally got it back in the garage and started poking around to see what was wrong.  I never could find anything wrong but I did have some bad compression in three cylinders.  I had fuel going into the carb, so I replaced all of the electrical components and still nothing.  I came to the conclusion that the engine had seen better days, so I bought another one locally and am getting it ready to install.  Purchased the engine gasket set from Super Scout.  It only makes sense to replace the seals and gaskets when it is out of the truck.  Glad I am doing this in the summer, the wife might be a little upset if she couldn’t pull the car in the garage.

To get you up to speed on where I stand with the engine now, I have removed the intake, coolant tubes, water pump assembly, and bunch of other things.  Cleaned them up and painted them with the Ford engine red I found.  Put the new freeze plugs in the heads and block.  There is another size plug I am waiting for that go in the front and rear of the engine.  Next I am going to install the timing cover gasket and valley pan and remove the valve covers and paint them.  So much to do in such little time.  I am trying to get it up and running before it starts getting too cold, but I am taking my time so I do everything right the first time.

I have attached some pictures of the progress so far.




DSCN1606 DSCN1607 DSCN1608 DSCN1609 DSCN1615 DSCN1614

Music to my ears

15 Mar

Hearing that it was going to be a nice day today I decided to see what I could do with getting the truck started.  First thing I had to do was fix the garage door so I could ventilate the fumes if I get it going.  Once that was done, I replaced the start relay right next to the horn relay attached to the top of the ashtray (Thanks for telling me about this J.J.)  I was told that this might be bad.  I put the relay back in place and wired it up then tried to see if it would start and nothing.  Hmm…lets re-trace the wires and make sure there is nothing I m missing.  I looking at the neutral safety switch and all is well there.  When I went to look at the wires from the trans and followed them up to the firewall I found that I had the auto trans ground attached to the secondary tank sending unit.  Ah ha..I found the problem, I hope.  I put the battery back on and the truck wanted to start.  Finally….just one of those stupid things.  Glad it was something simple.  Now onto getting the dash back together.


11 Dec

There isn’t much to post about, but I have the rear passenger quarter pretty much done to my liking.  Its good from about 8 feet.  Once I put the molding on it you the creases wont be seen at all.  Now to finish up the electric and get it running again.


Rear quarter painted Rear quarter painted 1 Primed